Peonies, Please

I think my obsession with peonies may be becoming a bit of a problem. Their soft, lush petals and intoxicating aroma are just too hard to resist.

Today I visited Traverse City's Sarah Hardy Farmer's Market with a strict mission to buy an apricot pinwheel made by the local baker, 9 Bean Rows (have you tried an apricot pinwheel before? If not, you are missing out. For real. It's like a croissant on apricot crack. Dee-licious.)

But on my way to the baker's stand I passed the florist stand, and just couldn't resist. I mean, how beautiful are these blossoms?? There's something about peonies that have a way of turning my eyes into little hearts. 

Sable and Gray Peony Painting 2

So I decided to channel this peony problem into something good, and created this watercolor peony painting (which may be my favorite painting to date.). It was so cathartic to paint the layers of soft pinks and purples with rich greenery accents. I just may turn this into a print to sell in the online shop. What do you think?