Our Process | Creating a Custom Wedding Invitation Suite

I recently had a bride ask me, "But, how do you do it? How do you take what I'm saying and turn it into an invitation?" What a great question. I had never thought about my design process from that perspective before, and it made me stop and really think about the internal process that I go through when I create a custom design for each bride, before I ever touch my paintbrush to my watercolor paper. 

Sable and Gray Magnolia Painting


When I first meet with a bride and groom, my job as a designer is to figure out who they are as a couple, to hear what their story is, and to learn exactly what they want. I'm not simply looking for their wedding colors or event theme, but am searching for an overall sense of what makes this couple unique... what made them fall in love, what brings them joy every day, and where they see themselves in the future. By doing this, I am able to create a design that not only "matches" their wedding aesthetic, but also represents their love their story. 


Whether it is a romantic elopement in the North Carolina mountains or a formal wedding at an historic estate, my job is to create an invitation design that creates a lasting first impression that will set the tone for the whole event. The invitation is your chance to create the mood that will carry through the entire wedding; from the moment your guest opens their envelope to the the moment they are lighting their sparklers as you run to your get-away car at the end of the reception. 


This is my favorite part... getting the paints out, wetting the brush, and adding color to the paper. I prefer to create my designs free hand, and love to let the design flow organically and naturally. This allows me to add to the painting as I go, adding details where necessary to give the painting balance and dimension. I then select the fonts/hand-lettering that will best fit the feel of the event, and incorporate the wording in with the artwork. I love making each invitation completely unique for each wedding, keeping the couple's love story in mind throughout the design process.