Our standard wedding invitation suites include a wedding invitation and wedding invitation envelope, which will be printed with a return address on the back flap.

The wedding invitation wording includes the names of who is hosting the wedding (the bride's parents, the grooms parents, the bride & groom, etc.), the names of the bride and groom, the ceremony date, and the ceremony location. 

There are several different sizes and hundreds of paper options available (see "Size & Shape Options" below for details). But don't worry, we'll suggest the paper and sizing that we think would work perfectly in your suite. 

There are also several different printing styles available to make the design of your suite your very own. See "Printing Styles" below for details. 



Our standard wedding invitation suites include an RSVP card and RSVP card envelope, which would be printed on the front with the return address. The standard RSVP card size is 3.5" x 5", but other options are available, such as an RSVP postcard. 

The RSVP card wording includes the date that you would like your guests to reply by, a line for their name(s), and options to let you know if your guests will be attending or not. This is also a great opportunity to include entree selections if you are having a sit-down dinner.



If your wedding reception is at a different location than your ceremony, this is a great way to let your guests know where the reception will be. You can also put this information on your wedding invitation, but if you would like to go the more formal/traditional route, or if you would like to include more information about your reception venue, then this is a great option. 


Let your guests know what hotels you suggest staying at for your wedding. This is a great option if you will be having many out-of-town guests and have reserved a block of rooms for your guests to stay at. You can also provide transportation information on this card if your ceremony and reception are at different venues, or if you will be providing transportation to/from the hotels to your wedding venue. Accommodations cards can range in size depending on how much information you'd like to include, but a standard size is 4" x 5.5". You can also use this card to provide details about other festivities for the weekend, such as Welcome Parties or Farewell Brunches. 


This is a really fun way to show your guests your favorite places to visit at your wedding location, and can make your suite look very custom. Maps can range in formality from a fun, colorful map with illustrations of your favorite venues, to a more formal, minimalistic map showing the ceremony & reception locations. The sky is the limit with these little lovelies. A standard map insert is 4" x 5.5", but this is a great opportunity for a wedding keepsake if you have a copy of the map printed at a larger scale. 


Include a small insert card, about the size of a business card, to let your guests know that there are more wedding details on your wedding website. Proper etiquette says that this information should be left off of the wedding invitations, so this is a great way to include the wedding website info if you are not having any other extra inserts in your suite. 

Envelope liners

Envelope liners are a great way to add a pop of color or a beautiful pattern to your suite, and can give your suite a very high-end feel. There are a few different options for liners: 


There are several ways to bind the invitation suite so that everything stays together when your guests take the invitations out of the envelopes. 

Guest Addressing

Our calligraphy guest addressing will give a beautiful first impression to your guests, and can be written in your choice of ink color.

Sable & Gray wedding invitation suites include outer envelopes. If you would like inner envelopes included in your suite, please let us know.

Invitation Assembly

We offer invitation suite assembly if you'd like us to stuff and stamp your invitations for you! This is a great way to save time and energy and cross one more thing off your wedding to-do list. Pricing available upon request 




digital printing

Also known as "flat-printing", the invitation is printed in full color using a digital press. This is the most cost-effective printing option and works beautifully for designs with many colors, such as watercolor paintings. 


This is also flat-printed on a digital press, but with metallic gold or metallic silver ink. You can combine metallic digital printing with standard digital printing to give the design a pop of metallics. This is a great option for adding metallics to your suite in a cost-effective way.

letterpress printing

The invitation is printed on an antique letter press, and the design is actually pressed into the paper giving the design a beautiful texture. A benefit of letterpress printing is the ability to print on extra thick paper. The downside to letterpress printing is that each color is printed separately therefore, it is more expensive the more colors you add to your design. 

thermography printing

Also knows as "raised printing", the invitation is printed using heat to make the text raise up off the page. This is a great way to add texture to your invitation, and looks especially beautiful with metallic inks (such as gold or silver). You can combine thermography printing with digital printing to add raised metallic accents to your suite. 


The invitation is printed using gold, silver, or copper foil and is pressed into the paper (similar to letterpress printing). This gives the design a very high-gloss metallic look while also adding texture to the suite. Foil printing can also be combined with digital printing to add metallic accents to the suite.


The design is cut out of the invitation using a laser cutter. This is a great way to add depth and intricacy to the invitation, and can be combined with any of the other printing methods. 






We offer a wide variety of paper options, including cotton papers, handmade papers, deckled edges, metallics, vellums, many color varieties, and different thicknesses. Clients local to Traverse City, MI can see these options in person during our design meetings. Out-of-town clients can view paper color options in our virtual color guide, coming soon.



We offer many different invitations shapes and sizes, including the following standard sizes

and the following die-cut options.